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The Grange Isle of Wight B&B

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Sarah Warwick's course 'The Joy of Singing' was inspirational. I didn't realise singing could be so healing. The Grange is a safe place to open up and take a risk to be brave.
MS, Portsmouth : 19-02-18 05:01pm
Never disappoints, 'a home from home'. Lovely, friendly, clean, warm and comfortable. Great singing course.
JS, Sussex : 19-02-18 05:00pm
Excellent, exhilarating, energetic, enabling and ebullient celebration of singing and harmony.
AT, Hampshire : 19-02-18 04:59pm
Powerful, fun, uplifting!
RI, Oxon : 19-02-18 04:58pm
An incredible weekend at The Grange on Sarah Warwick's course - transformative. Really lovely setting and such warm, welcoming atmosphere and people. An amazing weekend.
CT, London : 19-02-18 04:57pm
I am really impressed with the site and accommodation. It is welcoming and relaxed. ('Cuban Salsa' with John Harris)
J.A, Ashford : 20-11-17 03:42pm
A lovely 'retreat' - Quiet, beautiful house and gardens. I feel as though I have had a week away not just 2 nights, John and Paul are an excellent Cuban Salsa teaching team! ('Cuban Salsa' with John Harris)
Anne : 20-11-17 03:41pm
Lovely experience, lovely people. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend ad would really enjoy coming again. It was my first time to the Isle of Wight and it won't be the last time. The salsa class with John and Paul was great fun. ('Cuban Salsa' with John Harris)
Geraldine : 20-11-17 03:40pm
I had a very comfortable room. The Grange is in a lovely location. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It was both relaxing and fun. John is such a good teacher, he is thorough, patient and fun! ('Cuban Salsa' with John Harris)
Amanda : 20-11-17 03:40pm
The yoga course at The Grange is the highlight of my year. Everyone involved is welcoming and friendly. The facilities and tuition are first class, ('Yoga with Awareness' with Ken Eyerman)
Liz : 15-11-17 10:04am
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