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The Grange Isle of Wight B&B

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A huge thank you to Crysse for such a fantastic course. I feel completely inspired and excited about using words creatively. I was taken by surprise by the depth and power of the emotions, thoughts and ideas that I accessed on the weekend., This has been such a great springboard.
S Collins, Kent : 22-03-17 09:15am
Delightful, misty surrounding for us to focus on our imaginative worlds. Great setting for writing at so many levels and a wonderful garden in which to explore informal and nocturnal worlds.
A Miller, Oxon : 22-03-17 09:15am
A wonderful place to escape to, and focus on yourself, and in my case my chosen course - Creative Writing. It felt warm, homely and inviting, so I could just 'be' and give myself permission to indulge in the luxury of writing.
S Elias, Dorking : 22-03-17 09:14am
The sea is very mean, the lounge, buildings and grounds are spectacular, the staff helpful and friendly. It gives a sense of renewal. If you want a real boost, book a course at The Grange.
T Kelly, Oxfordshire : 22-03-17 09:13am
A lovely welcome and a gorgeous light airy room - my first with a sea view, so shame about the fog!, The Grange is friendly, comfortable and very accommodating to ensure guests enjoy their stay.
L McCarron, Bath : 22-03-17 09:13am
I am a novice in the art of writing. However I found this course really helpful and supportive. The sessions went really quickly as they were so very enjoyable.
J.J Bembridge IOW : 22-03-17 09:12am
I wasn't sure what to expect, it succeeded my expectations! The course allowed me to fully see my future happiness, how important connections with others are and how to achieve my best year ever with more great years to come.
Miranda : 07-03-17 12:16pm
I was here for the sessions only but really liked the lounge, a good space to relax and work in.
Moira : 07-03-17 12:16pm
The Grange was a beautiful building, with friendly and helpful staff and a yummy dinner on Friday night.
Wendy : 07-03-17 12:15pm
Great location, very welcoming. Thank you!
Ruth : 07-03-17 12:15pm
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