The Grange Isle of Wight B&B

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Great fun and lovely to meet so many interesting people! (New Year)
Shena : 10-02-16 04:18pm
It was a thoroughly heart-warming experience! (New Year)
Danielle : 10-02-16 04:17pm
Good to be back after 7 years! Really enjoyed it. (New Year)
Theo : 10-02-16 04:11pm
Very comfortable and excellent catering (New Year)
Paul : 10-02-16 04:10pm
I had the choice of going to a local party with friends for New Year, or travelling to the Isle of Wight to spend the time with strangers. I'm glad I did! The strangers soon became friends and we all had a wonderful time.
Jackie : 10-02-16 04:09pm
The Grange (top place) - ideal for a 3/4 night break - Christmas & New Year especially.
Stephen : 10-02-16 04:08pm
Where to start?! Lovely house, found another good walk to do and good food. Most importantly a forum to connect with people in a meaningful way. Very heartening to talk with others with not dissimilar issues.
Roslyn : 29-12-15 02:36pm
Warm & friendly - a luxury to have fresh coffee on tap all day - family atmosphere.
Caroline : 29-12-15 02:33pm
A warm and friendly and fun few days.
Chris P : 29-12-15 02:33pm
I had a lovely time; really great place with friendly staff and an excellent way of meeting like minded people. I'd thoroughly recommend it.
Claire P : 29-12-15 02:32pm
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