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Friendly & caring atmosphere. Enjoyed personalised service.
Joanna M : 31-03-15 11:43am
I came here for the writing courses offered several times a year. I found the experience rewarding and in part due to the peaceful surroundings. This is not your usual B&B but an oasis and a well stocked library. Yannis is also a treat. Take the time to chat - you'll find it was worth it!
Philippe : 23-03-15 03:14pm
Friendly - welcoming - quiet.
Cathy : 11-03-15 10:02am
A wonderful experience.
Yvonne : 11-03-15 10:01am
Wonderful weekend. Small group very stimulating yet relaxing.
Susie : 11-03-15 10:01am
Had a superb weekend with Sarah Warwick - music and singing. The Grange was as usual informal, relaxing and welcoming.
Brian Clayfield : 11-03-15 09:59am
Beautiful, peaceful location. Easy connections to anywhere on the Island.
Erica : 11-03-15 09:58am
A nice balance of warmth and efficiency. It does not feel like a hotel and that is a blessing!
Christopher : 11-03-15 09:57am
Delightful happy sunny place to stay.
Murray : 17-02-15 11:47am
A safe and comfortable oasis of calm - The Grange is warm and welcoming. You'll feel nurtured and at home and leave having had a laughter-filled and insightful journey.
Elizabeth : 17-02-15 11:46am
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